shifting reality

Es gibt kein richtiges Lesen im valschen!

Weiße Europäer sollten sich im Gaza-Konflikt zurückhalten

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meint ein Genosse, der aus Kamerun auf abenteuerliche Weise nach Deutschland geflüchtet ist.

„The people who brought the Palestinians into this situation where white Europeans. First they colonised Palestine, brutalised and murdered the Jews and set the stage for a resettlement process ridden in conflict. Europeans should take their hands off this conflict because they are making it very conplicated for a negotiated settlement to be found. The perceived hostility towards Israel makes Israel feel vulnerable, isolated, hated and sees the build up of counter military might the only way out. israel also perceives European antagonism as the loud cry and hypocrisy of an angry vanquished. No one is foolish to see that when Russia invaded Georgia, European streets were quiet; this double standard gives israel a perceived sense of european hypocrisy. Hamas is a resistant Movement but its resistance has a double edge sword. It is not only fighting for the liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation, it is also being exploited for an Iranian-American proxy war. maybe, a thawing of relations between Iran and America will give Iran a sense of security not to use hamas as an agent of shaping the balance of power in that region. Maybe a less hostile and perceived anti israel european posture will give Israel a sense of security to make those compromises necessary for peace and security.

All of these factors apart, Israel MUST halt expansion of settlement. This is the utmost provocation it can bring to bear in the conflict. For you can not occupy a peoples land and continuously use your military mite to grab land. This is insensible and stupifying. Hamas must also redefine its mission. War has a purpose and pursues a define end. It is not a way of life. Hamas has broaden this war from a liberation struggle to a religious conflict meant to preserve its own understanding of Islam. This makes Hamas vulnerable to manipulation by other agents who fear an encroaching hostile western culture void of morals, solidarity and generosity but thrives on profit. Though I hated the outcome of the South African struggle with its peace and reconciliation commission, the perceived accomodation given the white settlers assured them and precipitated the end of the conflict. If the ANC said every white person in South Africa would be destroyed or expelled, the whites would have resisted to the bitter end. Hamas should also look into this struggle and draw some historic lessons. But all in all, europeans are more of a liability to the Palestinian struggle than an asset. Their perceived solidarity has all the trappings of anger for being dwarfed by America than a genuine commitment to the freedom of Palestine.“


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